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Access controlled custom workflows

We provide customized workflow solutions for various use cases such as: application processing systems, document sharing & filing platforms, in-house business process management flows, expense approval applications and other related scenarios. We help clients design role-based access controlled processes catering to various stakeholders in the workflow.

Protect documents with e-Signatures

Ensure the authenticity of your documents with digital signatures. Great way to provide secure document submissions, application approvals, e-governance – basically anywhere you need proof to authenticate the sender and to guard documents against tampering. We provide solutions for Adobe PDF as well as Microsoft Word documents using self-signed or trusted third party certificates.

Documents upload with tags and notes

Processes can be designed with mandatory and optional document requirements. Each document can be notified with meta tags and explanatory notes. Meta tags help in indexing and searching of documents while the explanatory notes can be used to describe the document source, important points, exceptions, etc.

On-The-Fly editing of documents

Pre-defined documents with editable sections can be added to workflow processes. The user can edit such documents as per the permissions configured during the design of the process. This feature is helpful in creating letters based upon prescribed formats at different stages in the workflow.

Document creation based on available templates

We can also design a tool to help in creating, storing and reusing business documents based on predefined templates. Documents can be edited with specific details as per current requirement and signed to prove authenticity. This is a great solution to standardize document usage across departments within an organization.

Integration with Sharepoint, Office 365, Google Docs

Business process workflow solution can be integrated with Google Docs, Office 365 and Sharepoint applications for standardized document workflow within an organization. Customized workflows can be designed using Sharepoint to utilize Google docs and Office 365 resources.

Custom Alerts over multiple channels

Personalized alerts are sent over multiple channels e.g. Emails, Mobile Apps, etc. The alerts are set up for different events and help in notifying users at different levels as part of business process workflow automation. Such alerts can be used to share information updates with stakeholders.

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