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Efficient Rostering

Rostering module helps in scheduling jobs and assigning tasks to available members. Task assignment is done based on job skill requirements, team skills, availability, ranking and other parameters. Hard and soft constraints along with schedule resolver are used for automated job scheduling. Schedules can be overridden manually either to reassign jobs or to resolve conflicts.

Patient Care Management

Care Management is at the core of the system and involves all stages between patient admission and discharge. The medical history of patients along with dependency levels are evaluated to prepare daily care plans, medication charts, service schedules, etc. Real time data on daily activities as well as condition updates on the patient are captured and review opportunities are provided to the users of the system.

Bed Occupancy Planning

The facilities are set up as part of inventory management and are categorized based on features as well as pricing levels. Bed allotment is done based on the patient’s needs and financial constraints. Occupancy planning is crucial for smooth inpatient management system and is fully integrated with admissions as well as discharge procedures.

Billing and Payments System

The solution helps you send accurate and timely bills to your customers. Billing system can be customized to integrate with accounting systems for seamless book keeping. Bills and invoices can be customized to include your organization details including branding information. A billing statement is generated to detail the invoiced amounts, payments received and outstanding balances.

Point of Care

The solution provides a Point of Care mobile application for nursing staff. The app provides features like daily charts, medication requirements, dependency level, service updates, etc. to be accessed in real time for a patient. This helps staff to administer care and medications in an efficient manner. Also, the updates can be reviewed in real time.

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