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Across various industries and verticals

Our Business Intelligence consultancy programs focus on industry specific KPIs. We combine organizational roles with industry metrics to maximize ROI for our clients in Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Finance and Education verticals. Customized solutions as per the industry guidelines, trends and best practices are provided for achieving best results.

Partnering with the best

We have expertise in implementing top-of-the-charts Business Intelligence Tools such as Power BI, Qlik, Yellowfin, Jaspersoft BI, Pentaho, Birst, etc. We help you choose and design a Business Intelligence program that meets your enterprise goals around reporting, analysis, governance and security.

User-friendly Interactive Dashboards

Well planned data-driven dashboards built upon multiple data sources to help stakeholders seek answers in real-time. Multiple types of charts and tables are utilised to provide a holistic view of data based on chosen metrics that reflect organizational objectives.

Easy Visualization with drill down capabilities

Visualization techniques are employed to tell a story to an audience who is interested in knowing the different aspects of the data involved. The data is presented as an information board providing hindsight, insight and foresight into the business operations. Drill down abilities provide an in-depth analysis of data that takes the user from a general view to a more specific one.

Automated Refresh from designated data sources

Goal-based approach is implemented for Business Intelligence Workflow automation. The views are set up with multiple data sources connected with automated ETL processes. Analysis and aggregation tools are used to display current data improving the overall ROI.

Scheduled Publications with proper access controls

Views are published at predefined schedules and frequencies. The schedules are defined based on data relevance and various ROI parameters. Access controls are deployed based on organisation-level permissions to cater to a large number of internal as well as external audience.

Custom Alerts over multiple channels

Personalized alerts are sent over multiple channels e.g. Emails, Mobile Apps, etc. The alerts are set up for different events and help in notifying users at different levels as part of business intelligence workflow automation. Such alerts can be used to share information updates with stakeholders.

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